ThakBong - 讀墓

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Domain: biology

Type: biology:type

In biology, a type is a particular specimen (or in some cases a group of specimens) of an organism to which the scientific name of that organism is formally associated. In other words, a type is an example that serves to anchor or centralizes the defining features of that particular taxon. In older usage (pre-1900 in botany), a type was a taxon rather than a specimen.


Domain: thakbong

Type: thakbong:type

Is a: frege:reference, anthropology:semiotic practice, anthropology:academic practice
Uses: frege:sense
Subtypes: thakbong:site.type

Using a Fregian terminology, a type is a reference to a token, thus a class member, with the sense of the class (Oliver)

Domain: thakbong

Type: thakbong:site.type

Is a: frege:reference, thakbong:type, anthropology:semiotic practice, anthropology:academic practice
Subtypes: geography:landform

A site.type is a reference to a cidoc=crm:{site} (a token or class member), where the sense of the class is defined in an academic field, such as geography or ethnography:{ethnogoraphy}, or in a specific cultures described. Multiclass classification is possible and desired, e.g. for the purpose of comparative studies how sites are conceptualized. (Oliver)