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The 6th International Conference on Documenting and Researching Gravesites in Pacific Asia:
Academia and citizen science, theory and practice, publication and conservation



National University of Kaohsiung -- 國立高雄大學 --国立高雄大学

College of Humanities and Social Sciences --人文社會科學院 --人文社会科学部

2023, November 10th and 11th
日期: 2023年11月10日至11日
日付: 2023 年 11 月 10 ~ 11 日

After the successful conferences on tombs and burial sites, DRGT2011, DRGT2015, DRGT2017, DRGPA2019 and DRPGA2021, APLAC, the Research Center for Asia-Pacific Languages and Cultures, will organize the 6th Internation Conference on Documenting and Researching Graveysites in Pacific Asia on November 10th and 11th in Kaohsiung at National University of Kaohsiung.

繼 DRGT2011、DRGT2015、DRGT2017、DRGPA2019 和 DRPGA2021 墓葬和墓地會議之舉辦成功之後,亞太語言和文化研究中心 APLAC 將於 11 月 10 日舉辦第六屆亞太地區墓地記錄和研究國際會議國立高雄大學。

Topics of Interest


Papers can address, but are not necessarily limited to, one of the following topics:
  • Local history (Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Mazu, East Asia, South China coasts, Southeast Asia, South Asia)
    • the genesis and transformation of sites and practices
    • the transformation of landscapes and space
    • genealogical research
    • Chinese diaspora and networks
    • local residents, artists, artisans and scholars
  • Studies of local religious, cosmological and funerary practices
    • concepts of life, death and afterlife
    • spiritual and cosmological conceptions of space
    • interactions between spiritual and cosmological beliefs and landscapes
    • Feng Shui; geomancy
    • epigraphic and funerary practices
    • local deities, architecture, materials, and craftsmanship
    • the arts and aesthetics of folk traditions
    • local practices in literature and movies
    • digitalization of religion and death
  • Local politics and burial landscape management
    • nation, state and ethnicity
    • national or cultural identity recognition
    • governmental induced transformation of burial and religious practices
    • management and preservation of burial sites
  • Heritage sites
    • function and importance
    • endangerment
    • preservation and management
    • in situ preservation of cultural heritage
    • local landscape management
  • Theoretical studies
    • theories of culture
    • theories of interpretation
    • bridging the emic and the etic
  • Methodological studies
    • GPS and geography
    • analysis techniques and tools
    • archiving
    • research networking
    • fieldwork techniques
    • technologies for cultural heritage documentation and preservation
    • the preservation of digital resources
  • 地方歷史 (台澎金馬,華南及東南亞,東亞,南亞等)
    • 地方及其風俗的起源與轉變
    • 地景和空間的轉變
    • 家譜研究
    • 海內外華人社群網絡
    • 本土人物,藝術家、工匠與學者
  • 宗教、宇宙觀與喪葬習俗
    • 生死與來世之概念
    • 從信仰角度與宇宙觀理解空間的概念
    • 信仰及宇宙觀與現實地景的互動互塑
    • 風水地理
    • 碑銘與喪葬習俗
    • 地方神祉,地方建築,地方材料及工藝
    • 民間傳統藝術美學
    • 文學與電影裡的地方風俗
    • 信仰與死亡相關知識及記錄的數位化
  • 地方政治與墓葬地景管理
    • 國家與民族
    • 國家或文化身份認同
    • 政府政策引導的宗教/墓葬風俗易變;政府墓葬用地規劃及地景管理
    • 墓地管理與保存
  • 文化遺產場域
    • 功能與重要性
    • 消逝的危機
    • 保存與管理
    • 地方文化遺產的原地保存
    • 地景管理
  • 理論發展研究
    • 文化理論
    • 詮釋理論
    • 構連局內觀(emic)與局外觀(etic)
  • 研究方法
    • 地理資訊系統
    • 分析技術與工具
    • 檔案典藏
    • 研究網絡
    • 田野調查的技術
    • 紀錄與保存文化遺產的科技
    • 數位資源的保存

Paper Submission, Reviewing Process, Program Committee

Paper Submission

Paper Submission Due: September 9th
Final Paper Submission: Oktober 10th
Submission per email at:

The Reviewing Process

The Program Committee